The Lord-Lieutenant represents Her Majesty The Queen in the County of Herefordshire

The Lieutenancy has evolved to play an increasing and significant role in serving The Queen in the county, championing Herefordshire’s identity and promoting the interests of its people and organisations. In Herefordshire the Lieutenancy’s aim is to support and add value to Herefordshire’s communities regardless of political, religious, ethnic background or age group.


The Lieutenancy has to learn and understand as much as it can about what is happening across the county. As The Queen’s representative, and within the established systems, the role of the Lord-Lieutenant is to reward and recognise individual and institutional effort and to celebrate the various elements of the cultural, historical, artistic and spiritual life of the county’s community in such a way as to encourage a sense of identity and civic pride in the county as well as to promote what can best be described as ‘societal glue’.

The role of the Lieutenancy is entirely non-political and the Lord-Lieutenant and all her Deputies are unpaid. Following the example of The Queen, they remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters – both locally and nationally.


Lord-Lieutenants are appointed by The Queen on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. In Herefordshire, as in other counties, the Lord-Lieutenant is the representative of The Queen. Her duties include greeting and accompanying Royalty and Heads of State during official visits to the County and making presentations of honours and awards on behalf of the crown.